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Customer Experience Insights From Unstructured Data

Today's consumers interact with brands in a variety of ways. This can be described as a nonlinear process that involves first becoming aware of a brand (via social media or traditional communication channels) through to a simple post-purchase email thanking us for our purchase and patronage.

But before we reach the stage of actual purchase, there can be a bewildering set of interactions and steps that are impossible to comprehend in their aggregate through traditional methods of data capture and analysis. Consider going through billions of interactions to unearth meaningful patterns and derive actionable insight.

But AI drive algorithms now allow us to dissect customer experiences in ways that can inform marketing strategy in increasingly sophisticated ways. The combination of machine learning algorithms and big data affords huge opportunity for new learning.

In the digital world, every customer transaction, call center inquiry, and email exchange, is recorded creating a digital footprint….every time we browse the Internet and post something on social media we augment this footprint. Privacy concerns aside, those are mountains of insights to extract. With such a rich source of information, marketers can now profile the customers at a granular and individual level, allowing one-to-one marketing at scale.


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