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Decisions Shouldn't Just Be Data-driven

We often hear the advice, you need to become more data-driven. And that mantra applies to all aspects of managing organizations or teams. Data-driven decision-making; data-driven strategy; data-driven marketing. Data-driven whatever; You get the picture.

But data-driven decision-making is only effective if the right questions are asked. You can't just delegate this to analysts. Using data in any way requires context. You must ask the right questions before your analysts can get to work.

If the questions being asked do not align with the goals and objectives of the organization, or if they are not relevant to the decision you need to make, the data collected and then analyzed may have limited value in informing the decision.

Also, if the data collected is not comprehensive, relevant, and accurate, it can lead to wrong conclusions and decisions which can have disastrous consequences for the business.

Indeed, decision-making requires data but also the right context that encapsulates all relevant factors in order to make well-informed and responsible decisions.

I'd prefer using the term evidence-driven but that is a different story. And it still requires your involvement and guidance.


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