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"Psyche & Techne"

The ancient Greek philosophical distinction between "psyche" and "techne" was explored by Martin Heidegger in his writings about technology and its role in society.

In Martin Heidegger's philosophical interpretation, "psyche" refers to the inner, personal experience of an individual, while "techne" refers to the external, technical aspect of a thing or activity.

Heidegger argues that modern technology reduces everything to being a means to an end, and that this has led to a loss of meaning and purpose in our lives. He argues that technology has become so pervasive that it shapes our understanding of the world, and that this has led to a "forgetting" of the true nature of things.

Heidegger also argues that this technological understanding of the world has led to a separation between "psyche" and "techne." We have become so focused on the technical aspect of things that we have lost sight of their inner, personal significance. He calls for a return to a more authentic way of being, where we see things in their full complexity, including both the technical and personal aspects.

Heidegger's ideas about psyche, techne and the role of technology in shaping our understanding of the world are in my view very relevant to our study of management as well as innovation.


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