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AI-driven Insights - A New Paradigm in Marketing

After years of unfulfilled hype, AI has reached a point where it can become mainstream in the generation of actionable marketing insights. It can help us make more informed decisions based on big data that is often unstructured. Ditalization allows us to tap into and derive insight from a multitude of customer touch-points—transaction, call centre inquiry, email exchanges, chat messages etc. What is more, our internet browsing and posting on the internet provides a rich source of data. Privacy concerns aside, we can now profile the customers at a granular and individual level, allowing one-to-one marketing at scale. At the same time, we have improved our ability to predict the outcomes of marketing actions, with foresight becoming a semi-realistic claim for those that have managed to break the code of transforming data into insight that can then lead to anticipating future states.

So, fasten your seat-belts. The AI-driven paradigm shift in marketing has arrived. And it is just starting!


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