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On Resilience, Perseverance and Grit

One of the key life skills that can help determine success in life are the psychological traits of resilience perseverance and grit.

Let’s take resilience to begin with. It is one of those terms that is hard to define, but we all feel that we have a good grasp of what it means. It implies an ability to overcome hardships and get back on your feet after an adversity in life. In that sense it is very close to (and often used interchangeably with the notions of perseverance and grit but I’ve tended to use resilience when I think of adversity and our ability to bounce back from it.

Perseverance on the other hand is sustained and consistent effort to achieve a goal. It is being steadfast and committed to achieving a goal.

Finally, I’ve used grit to denote “strength of character” and the ability to sustain interest and effort towards long term goals (I believe this is the core idea behind Angela Duckworth’s definition (see her book titled “Grit”).

So, there is definitely some overlap between the terms and point to core skills needed for success in life.


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